How to Optimize Your Website as a Contractor

Jul 08, 2022


The process of becoming a licensed contractor can be long and tiresome. After months of studying, testing, and practicing as an apprentice, you are probably very excited to officially become a business owner. Once you've jumped through all the hoops, finally got to the finish line, and are ready to get the ball rolling as a company, it's essential to get organized. Clients should become your main priority. So how exactly can you facilitate gaining and maintaining new clients? Producing excellent quality results will always be a primary factor; having a great website can also help give you a substantial advantage. However, simply having an online presence is not enough; strategically planning your website can optimize your reach by increasing your visibility and credibility and allowing more control and flexibility with your marketing schemes. 

Make it Aesthetically Appealing 

Nowadays, everyone wants everything to look picture-perfect, especially when it comes to their home or business environment. When designing your website, take some time to look at your competitors' websites. Understand your client base and plan strategically to ensure that your website targets the right audience. Pay attention to details, such as presenting your phone number in the forefront of your site with a call now button, which will serve as a call to action. Your website reflects your professionalism, company values, and quality results. Simply investing in high-quality photos and choosing a good color scheme can give your company a great advantage. 

Make Sure the Mobile Version of Your Website Works Well 

Modern technology allows us to research websites and investigate options for the services we require. Thanks to our handy smartphones, we can do this from anywhere we can access the internet. Using these advancements to your advantage is paramount for a competitive edge. When creating your website, use a model that works well and maintains its integrity when viewed on a mobile device. Keeping the phone number on the front page for the client to call will make them more likely to ask for your services. 

Create a Separate Page for Each of Your Primary Services 

Having all of your services displayed on the front page of your website is excellent. However, when potential clients go online to research contractors, they are very likely to type the specific service they are looking for in the search bar. Creating a separate page on your website for each of your primary services will increase the chances of new customers finding your services and expand your reach exponentially. 

As a business owner, doing everything to optimize your website and expand your online presence can give you a great advantage. New technology has allowed new companies to develop a client base through creativity and in-house marketing campaigns. Following these three steps as a baseline when creating your website is a great start. Your website reflects your company, so use it to show new clients that you are worth the call!