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Social Media Monetization, What it is and How to Use it in the Trades

Sep 27, 2022



Modern technology has brought with it countless advantages. From how we buy and sell products to how we travel and communicate with each other. It changed everything. The internet, cell phones, computers, and social media made it possible to stay connected from different parts of the world. When it comes to business, this has proven to be a fantastic advantage. Companies no longer have to rely on television networks or newspapers to run their advertisements. People are now able to control their narratives. 

Businesses can create pages and ads where they can promote their products and services. There are new avenues for individuals and organizations to create content, either free or for a price, that anyone with internet access can use and enjoy. We've all heard of rich kids who make millions posting skits on YouTube or TickTock. The opportunities for marketing and financial gain on these platforms are endless. 

As someone who works in the trades, you may be skeptical about taking this route. After all, being a contractor or plumber doesn't seem quite as entertaining as a comedy sketch. Yet there is a place for everyone, and plumbing, HVAC, and building content is more in demand than you might think. So, how exactly does social media monetization work? And how can skilled workers get involved? 

Social media monetization refers to the financial gain produced through posting content on social media platforms. Youtube, Instagram, and ticktock are some primary examples. You can go about this in many different ways. Common strategies include paid advertisements and selling merchandise, products, or courses. However, a plan that works for a makeup or skincare business may not be the most appropriate option for an electrician. Understanding your audience and your customers' needs is critical. 

In this day and age, we love to feel special. Like every post we see was made just for us. As a business owner trying to make money off Instagram or YouTube, use this to your advantage. Create avenues to connect with your clients. Understanding their needs and the type of information they seek will allow you to create content crafted uniquely for them. Once your business has achieved this, you can use the following basic strategies to get the ball rolling. 

Make your Social Media Presence visible on each platform 

The key to maximizing your viewership is to increase your content exposure. A solid social media presence where you post often will give you the best advantage. Include links to your company's social media accounts on each platform. Doing this will make it much easier for prospective clients and customers to find your work. Resources such as Linktree are helpful for this purpose.

Additionally, referencing your other social media pages in your videos and posts can help bring people to your content in a more diverse form. A quick follow us on Instagram and Twitter at the end of a video can make a huge difference. As can a link to your latest YouTube video in your Instagram story or bio. 

Create educational YouTube videos 

People love watching YouTube videos. Especially when it comes to tutorials. Youtube videos rank highly in search engines and could help significantly increase your SEO. As a skilled worker, this is an area where you can thrive. There are always small jobs that need to be done at home that one doesn't necessarily want to hire someone to do. Making a video series on small plumbing improvement tutorials, what to do if your lights go out, or even something as simple as how to mount a frame on a wall will likely attract some interested viewers. 

You can take a few extra steps to increase your viewership when creating youtube videos. Using the highest quality video you can, along with some light editing when necessary to improve the flow of the video, will make the presentation appear much more professional. So make it look pretty and presentable, and organize your videos into categories. You want your viewers to look at your page and see a neat collection of valuable resources. 

Your thumbnails or the image YouTube shows when browsing videos should be used strategically to show your video's intent. An engaging title to match along with this will also make a huge difference. Remember, you want your viewers to feel that if they do as you do, they will both learn and get positive results. 

Sell a product 

Selling a product is one of the most prominent and effective ways to profit from a social media page. However, jumping into merchandise campaigns from the very start is not necessarily the most effective way to go about things. Use this tactic after establishing a relationship with your 

audience. Patience and consistency will be huge contributors. Pay attention to their feedback and the type of content they engage with most. 

As a skilled worker, there are various things you might want to sell. There could be a specific product, course, or learning resource your company develops. Partnerships with larger companies are also common. Whatever the case, the key is to keep an avenue of communication with your audience. Knowing what customers want and need will be the primary factor when getting things off the ground. 

Social media can be a fantastic tool if you know how to use it. When running a business, anything that can boost your visibility should be used to your advantage. For more helpful tips on the trade industry and running your own trade company, visit!