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Using YouTube as a Tool in the Trades

Sep 06, 2022



YouTube started as a fun way to share videos with friends back in 2005. Over time, the platform has evolved. Now you can find anything from podcasts and comedy sketches to makeup reviews and home improvement tutorials. Millions hop on YouTube for entertainment and information every day. People want to learn and increasingly look for videos to teach them. As a tradesperson, this can be a fantastic resource. Both to teach and to learn. 

YouTube for Business Owners 

Think of the number of times you've watched a youtube video when considering a new product. Something about seeing someone try something themselves automatically makes you feel they are more authentic. Business owners everywhere have taken advantage of this opportunity. They can create a greater connection with their customers by directly marketing their products and services to their audience. As a tradesperson running your own business, the name of the game is establishing credibility with your customers. Using youtube as a platform to demonstrate your skill level and quality results is a great strategy to get the phone ringing. So how do you get started? 

Determine your topic 

As a skilled worker, this step should be straightforward. Be creative and focus on what you and your business does best. Don't limit yourself to just one format. For example, if you're a plumber, you can create a wide range of content. Fun, short educational videos to teach your audience about the importance of plumbing maintenance, tutorials, and product reviews come to mind. Write out your ideas and create a schedule to post new content. 

Do some research 

Do some research and see what type of videos are most popular. You will likely find many on established channels. Look for videos that you enjoy watching. Searching for content from the point of view of a consumer will allow you to understand what type of videos are most likely to be successful. Use your research to reference without copying. Inspiration can be a great tool when creating the outline for your channel. 

Create videos 

Aim to make your videos short, entertaining, and informative. You want your audience to come to your channel to learn, but you also don't want them to lose interest after a few minutes. Learning how to edit or hiring someone will allow you to condense your content and eliminate unnecessary material. Making sure to have high-quality footage and audio and assuring that the cámara is not moving around too much can make a huge difference. All these little details will help increase the chances that viewers will watch your videos to the end. 

Have patience 

Building an audience takes time. Don't feel discouraged if you don't have a massive following after a year. Continue to post regularly on a set schedule. Be patient and concentrate on

creating high-quality content. If your videos are clear, organized, and full of valuable information, your consistency will pay off over time. 

Youtube for Trades Beginners 

If you are not a skilled worker but are interested in learning more about the trades, YouTube can also be a fantastic asset. The current educational system in the US, unfortunately, does not highlight all the lucrative careers technical skills have to offer. When looking into different paths, look for videos of professionals on the job. Think to yourself, what exactly do you like to do? Are you a fixer or a builder? What type of activities do you absolutely not like? Say you're considering a plumbing career because they get paid the most. Yet, you hate getting your hands dirty and being around bathrooms. You will likely end up not liking your job very much. 

Being unmotivated inevitably leads to never reaching your full financial potential. Instead of going for the first career thrown at you, look to those already working in the field. Find something that will excite you and motivate you to get out of bed each morning. Watch videos on carpentry, HVAC, plumbing, and anything else you can think up. If you can see yourself happily participating or making similar videos of your own, you will be much more likely to enjoy the job. 

Use the advantage that modern-day technology provides. Connect with your customers and others in your field. Create and join an audience. Your hunger to learn more should never stop. Use these resources to learn your way up the ladder to further your career. You’ll be surprised to discover all that you are capable of accomplishing. 

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